Global Growth Consulting provides sales and marketing services for small and medium technology businesses needing that extra assistance in critical stages of their development. We provide the Big Guns for developing and implementing sales and marketing campaigns to boost your revenues in the US domestic and/or international markets.

We have decades of experience in consultative and solution selling in technology solutions and services markets specializing in the education and library markets including working with large multi-national corporations to small privately owned businesses. We provide the necessary skills to find and close those large accounts that you need to move your company forward in the global markets.

We have experience in connecting and making presentations to C-level executives in many industries and government institutions. We have negotiated successful contracts in markets such as Peoples Republic of China, Mexico, Spain, United Kingdom, Colombia, Canada, and Australia to name a few. We pride ourselves in the fact we have secured revenue and payments in all our contractual dealings.

One of the main goals of our consulting services is to provide our clients with customized plans for specific situations and the necessary data to allow the client to be successful in their immediate needs as well as a long-range planning and plan execution.

Global Growth Consulting provides services for non-US firms to expand their products to the North American market. We can provide market analysis, planning, and even on-the-ground implementation sales activities. We can vet and secure distribution channels for your products.  Our involvement is dependent on the structure and needs of the company and your product distribution vision.

If you find that simply having a great product is not penetrating the market share you want. Then you need the Big Sales Guns from Global Growth Consulting to assist you in getting those next level projects now.

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