Global Growth Consulting
 is dedicated to offering accurate, confidential and affordable globalization consulting services for product delivery to/from English into many of the world’s other major languages.

Using our worldwide network of resources, Global Growth Consulting provides contracting and project management for localization services for over 30+ languages and dialects. Through the use of its Cultural Sensitization© methodology, Global Growth Consulting insures a quality globalization process beyond just a translation. The result is an increased quality of localized products and solutions.

Global Growth Consulting has partners providing services including translation into the most commercially significant languages (including Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Arabic, etc.), for web site localization, marketing material, training materials, software products, and other items.

We feel we can impress you more with our works than our words. If you are looking for a high quality, professional globalization beyond just language localization, Global Growth Consulting is here for you.

Cultural Sensitization©

A proprietary methodology developed to insure cultural accuracy and consistency in the translation and appearance presented in targeted market areas.  This process gives our clientele an edge over their competition by having products that are sympathetic to local customs and mores. The result is increased quality of localized products and global solutions.

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