One of Global Growth Consulting strengths is our experience in the global marketplace. Our Associates have been involved in opening up markets in the Pacific Rim, Latin America, the European Union, and the Middle East for US-based companies. This combined with our other services provides us with the experience necessary to assist clients in their efforts to expand globally.

Global Growth Consulting can provide direct sales planning implementation; serve as sales agents, or distributors in the United States or Abroad, either directly or through other relationships established over the years. We can identify the global areas for a product or service and with our experience we can assist in the negotiation of plentiful regulations for the appropriate import/export requirements for your chosen markets.

We can provide services to identify and coordinate global suppliers for your product needs smoothing out language and cultural issues to strengthen your supply chain. In a global market expansion, identifying and vetting good suppliers is essential in overall success. We help make the international acquisition and supply process less painless and profitable while working within a limited resource capacity.

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